The word ‘ramen’ comes from Chinese and means pasta made from wheat flour, which is the main additional ingredient to the essential broth. Ramen is more than just soup. It is a whole dish based on broth, usually pork broth. Besides this noodles, seafood, meat (also in the form of meatballs), fresh vegetables, herbs, seaweed or boiled egg so that the egg yolk remains liquid are added to ramen. The dish is most often seasoned with soy sauce, but you can also use miso paste - this is a separate type of ramen, miso-ramen, and this version will be presented in the recipe below.

There is no single recipe for ramen, everyone can come up with their own recipe based on general principles. However, we can distinguish several dozen types of ramen, including miso-ramen, seasoned with miso paste, which became the inspiration for the recipe below.

  • 1 package of OYAKATA Miso Ramen
  • half a carrot
  • half a white radish
  • one spring onion
  • two cabbage leaves
  • three pieces of small pumpkin (approx. 3 cm long)
  • approx. 20 g tofu
  • one egg
  • two teaspoons of ground roasted sesame
  • two tablespoons of diced bacon
  • one tablespoon of miso paste
  • 400 ml of water
  • 50 ml of milk
  • spices at your discretion

Boil the noodles, drain and leave for later. Wash all vegetables. Cut the cabbage and spring onion into 3 cm strips. Peel chips of carrot and white radish with the vegetable peeler. Cut the pumpkins into 0.5 cm thick pieces. Cut tofu into 1 cm cubes. Boil vegetables starting from the hardest ones (pumpkin, cabbage, radish, carrot). Make the hard-boiled egg, peel it and cut it in half. Fry the bacon.

Boil 400 ml of water. When the water boils, add spices from the OYAKATA Miso Ramen package, reduce the heat to medium and add 50 ml of milk, mix. Add ground roasted sesame and miso paste. If you want, add spices at your discretion (e.g. chilli).

Place the noodles at the bottom of the bowl. Add vegetables, egg, tofu and bacon. Pour in the soup. Sprinkle the top with spring onion.

Author of the recipe: Devon Monkata



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