Burgers By Agnieszka Socha-Kisielewska

OYAKATA Japanese Classic noodles

220 g minced beef meat


1 small red onion

1 small white onion

1 clove garlic

2 slices of toast cheese

a few pickles

4 slices of smoked pork belly

1 egg

a handful of rocket salad

3 tablespoons of ketchup

2 tablespoons of mayonnaise


salt, freshly ground pepper

oil for frying


Prepare the noodles following the instructions on the packaging. Add sauce and allow to cool. Then, add whisked egg and stir. Prepare 4 small bowls and lay them with tin foil, with some foil remaining over the edges. Place noodles to prepared bowls, cover it with foil, load with something heavy and press to form a “bun” having a compact texture. Next, place the bowls in the freezer for approximately half an hour. Fry the slices of pork belly on the frying pan until golden brown. Julienne the red onion and slice pickles and the tomato. Dice the white onion and fry it with pressed garlic on the pre-heated oil. Add the onion and garlic to the minced meat and mix briefly, then form two burgers, add a touch of salt and freshly ground black pepper. Fry the burgers on the pre-heated oil for 3-4 minutes on each side. When the burgers are almost ready, place a slice of the toast cheese on each one. Once the cheese is melted, remove the burgers from the pan. Pour some oil on the same frying pan that you used to fry the pork belly, and fry shaped noodles portions until golden brown (be careful when removing noodles from the bowls so as not to damage the “buns”). Fry the noodles on both sides, gently turning it over only when one side is already golden brown. Prepare the sauce: combine mayonnaise and ketchup in a bowl and add chilli to taste. Place one portion of the noodles on a plate, then place a few leaves of rocket salad, a tablespoon of sauce, slices of fried pork belly, onion, beef burger, tomato and slices of pickles. Then, place another portion of the noodles on the top of it. Decorate with the leaves of rocket salad.



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